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How do I purchase a item found on your website? 

All items advertised are conveniently located at independent vacuum retailers located across Canada. Please contact  for a store close to you.

I’m a retailer,  how do I become a dealer? 

Please contact for more information on how to become a dealer, or fill out our Contact form. 


Can I place a order through you to be picked up a store?

Contact for the closest store location near you and they will arrange with the retailer for the item to be in stock for you when you arrive.


Dealer Section: 


Once I logged in where can I find items on promotion?

Items current on sale and special promotions can be found on our home page, in the Featured Product Special section and also there are printable PDFs in the Resources/Specials area 


My Browser was closed before my order was done, will my order lost? 

No, the order will auto saved. Log in, and click the shopping cart in the top right of your screen.

How do I find a part number I ordered recently?

Log in  and click Reorder Pad at the top of the screen and scroll for your item.


How can I tell if my order was already started?

Once logged in under Product and Order Management click My Saved Carts.


How long does it take to process my order?

Once the web order is submitted a notification is immediately sent to your representative for approval and release to shipping department.


Can I add my own part numbers or description to a part?

Yes. Once logged in click on  item , scroll down and near the bottom on the left side enter your part number in the box and click update.


How can I tell what invoices are due?

Once logged in, click My Account > Account Review > Account Inquiry or Monthly Statement


I just placed a Web order when will it be shipped?

We strive to have order shipped the same day when placed before 12: 00 pm MST


I just received my order and the box was damaged.

All damaged boxes must be noted on the waybill immediately. It is the receivers responsibility to file claims for damaged freight with the carrier.


I received/ordered the wrong part.

Once logged in click Contact Us > Returns for information on our return policy


How do I enter a purchase order number?

Click on the shopping cart and at the bottom of your list of parts you can enter a purchase order number.


How can I manage my backorders? 

Once logged in click My Account > Account Review > Backorder by Product


How do I add/Change my Credit Card?

Once logged in click My Account > Account Management >Credit Card Management


What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master card, and Online payments


How do I update my contact information?

Once logged in click My Account > Account Manager > Edit Profile , once changes are made click Update


How do I enable Money Save Alerts?

Once logged in click My Account > Account Manager > Personal Settings > Display money Saver Alerts > Yes, Click save settings.


How do I see pictures of products?

Once logged in click My Account > Account Manager > Product Display View Thumbnails, once changes are made click Save Settings


How Do I add special Shipping instructions?

Once logged in click My Account > Account Manager Default Shipping Instructions , once changes are made click Update