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Thank you for your interest in setting up payment terms with Hibbert International Inc.  Please note that we only accept terms requests for accounts forcasting >$18,000/year in annual purchases, and a waiting period paying by credit card or bank transfer of 3-6 months may be required to establish purchasing volumes before terms can be established.

Click here to access our downloadable Credit Application form.  Before applying, please have 3 relevant trade references ready.  These are used to determine any credit terms and an appropriate credit limit. Send your completed application by fax to 1-800-661-4096 or email to

Once terms are established, payment history and current sales volume are used as a criteria for regular reviews of credit limits, and they may be  be increased, decreased or terminated accordingly. We reserve the right to change or terminated credit limits without notice.

Other options for non-terms payment at time of ordering are credit card, online internet payment, and direct deposit. Our A/R team will be glad to help you setup any of these choices, you can contact them at or call 1-800-661-1467 option 240